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Automatic Video Matting with Temporal Coherence
Using Time-of-Flight Sensor



 Automatic natural video matting is a very challenging task due to the following difficulties. First, natural matting algorithms often require a hand-drawn trimap by a user. It is unpractical to draw a trimap for every frame. Second, critical flickering artifacts are unavoidable due to the temporal inconsistency. Usually, a human visual system is very sensitive to this temporal incoherence in video sequences.
 We present a new method for automatic video matting using a Time-of-Flight(TOF) sensor considering the temporal consistency. Our method uses range information to compute trimap automatically. Then, we extend the standard closed form matting to optimize in both spatial and temporal domains.

Ji-Ho Cho, Min Ki Park, Kuk-Jin Yoon, and Kwan Heng Lee, "Automatic Video Matting with Temporal Coherence Using Time-of-Flight Sensor," In Proc. of Workshop on Picture Coding and Image Processing 2010, pp. 81, December 7, Japan, 2010 [PDF]