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Depth Video based Human Model Reconstruction
Resolving Self-Occlusion



 Generation of a 3D model has been actively researched in computer vision area. Especially, modeling of a realistic human is a topic of great interest due to its use in many application areas such as animation and 3DTV. In this paper, a novel method is presented to generate a 3D human model using a sequence of depth images from a monocular TOF (time-of-flight) camera. Mainly, we solve a ‘selfocclusion’ problem which occurs in the depth data where a human model is partially occluded by other parts of a human body. This becomes very critical when we want to develop a human model for various applications. We demonstrate the capability of our method by showing experimental results that resolves a multiple occlusion problem.

In Yeop Jang and Kwan H. Lee, "Depth Video based Human Model Reconstruction Resolving Self-Occlusion", IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, Vol.56, No.3, pp.1933-1941, 2010-08  [PDF]